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Easy Ride Accident Solutions Ltd.

Accident Solutions deals with your insurer on your behalf, and makes sure your car is repaired to the manufacturer’s original standard - not the insurer’s bottom line.

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Where do I start... when I first called accident solutions I thought their advisors were a god send, they read my mind and new exactly what I was going through, they have probably heard it a load of times and then once my claims management started, they were so dedicated and fast and getting everything done, and I got more than I expected on my claims I couldn’t of asked for anything better. Thanks for all of the time you spent on me and hopefully I won’t need you again but if I do in the…

Accident solutions were a blessing, I found some aspects a bit slow but I got my end result and that is all that matters…

I applause accident solutions for their efficiency I must say this got sorted in no time, I was a bit disappointed with how much they recover but I understand they did their best so what can you do. Thank you anyhow…

Amazing job well done accident solutions, happy I found you thanks for all of your personal support too!…

The Accident Solution App Directory provides accident victims with fast convenient access to accident related services in their area. Enrolling as a member ensures that our application will recommend YOU to accident victims seeking your services in your area.Success Accident Solutions Ltd are dedicated to making sure your Personal Injury Compensation claim is dealt with by our team of specialist personal injury lawyers in a friendly and efficient way. Additionally, Accident Solution App Directory promotes your business by harnessing the synergies that exist between traditional marketing, the internet and mobile technologies to grow your business. As Managing Director, Jerry brings to Accident Solutions more than 25 years of professional experience in all areas of the motor body repair industry. Jerry has extensively researched all the insurance and legal processes involved in vehicle repairs and has a Diploma in Insurance Law. He actively maintains an extensive network of contacts in this specialised area of law.Meet Jerry Altun, the man behind Accident Solutions. Jerry’s experience and personal vision is the driving
force of the group. He founded Accident Solutions to give the consumer freedom of choice and
guaranteed quality of repairs
. I thought I had left my accident too late but accident solutions still managed to claim back costs for me because they used their accident investigators who managed to find out a lot of info I struggled to get before. Much appreciated… I must say I was pleased when I used accident solutions for my war with the council over a door which I reported was faulty which then fell and severely injured my arm. The compensation was good but the fact that they weren’t able to get away with it was even better. I will recommend accident solutions to anyone who is in a pickle with the council… we’ve been with Accident solutions for over a year now, we are a taxi firm who have a fleet of drivers so we need accident solutions more regularly than you think. They have helped us with all of our accidents and we would recommend that all taxi firms have this type of support… Accident solutions managed to get me private health care after my accident which the other side ultimately paid for, thank you again, meant I could sort my leg out sooner rather than later… Traffic Accident Solutions provides accident consulting services to its clients, along with a list of educational services, which includes training in: DUI's, defensive driving, alcohol server training and much more. Do you need to know how fast vehicles in a collision were going? What violations have occurred? Could the crash have been avoided? What a vehicles "black box" tells us?

Traffic Accident Solutions is a Chicago suburban based, Accident Reconstruction Consulting, business operating throughout the Midwest Region.

At Traffic Accident Solutions we will listen to your needs and answer with solutions to solve your accident reconstruction challenges. We focus on providing the data, facts, physical evidence and litigation support. We are customer-driven and committed to provide our clients with accurate and expert results in a timely manner while maintaining our core values of honesty, diligence, and integrity.
We have formed a strong network of associates, each with their own specific area of expertise. All of our affiliates have extensive experience in law enforcement investigations, accident reconstruction/investigations and traffic enforcement/safety training.

As an up-to-date multi-faceted crash reconstruction service, we utilize the industry's most cutting edge technologies and methodologies to provide you with the best consultation services available today.

Traffic Accident Solutions can handle everything from event data recorders analysis, utilizing the Bosch Diagnostic "Crash Data Retrieval System" (CDR), to a complete and full accident investigation and reconstruction including mapping, vehicle inspections and photography.