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You should also make it clear in your U.S. Army essay that your devotion to humanity and country comes with an equal amount of courage to follow the example of the thousands of heroes that have distinguished themselves from among the ranks of the army. Citing specific examples will go a long way to give the people reading your essay the idea that you know and sincerely believe what you are saying.

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Your U.S. army essay should convey that you love humanity and want to contribute to its welfare. Otherwise, why would you want to join an outfit that was organized for the protection of the nation and the world from the forces of dissolution. And this love should be firmly based not merely on personal preference but, to a greater degree, on your sense of the dignity of all human beings.

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Having completed your U.S. army essay in that manner, devote some more time to musing over what you stated there. You should absolutely have faith in everything you said before handing over the paper. This is because, if ever you are accepted, expect life to take you to account for all that you promised in that paper. In fact, it would be a good idea to keep a copy of your U.S. army essay among your valuable documents. Who knows but that at some distressing moment in the future, as these moments are bound to come, your ideals and good purposes may help you to avoid disgrace and find your convictions?

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