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Cambodia’s Prime Minister Samdech Akka Moha Sena Padei Techo Hun Sen (pic. 1) addresses the participants while he was presiding over the opening ceremony of the ASEAN Youth Forum 2016, held in Phnom Penh this morning under the theme “Peace, Democracy, and Regional Partnership toward Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)”.

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The AYF, also known as the ASEAN Youth Movement, came together 2 years ago. Since its beginning, the AYF has been consulting youth civil society representatives from around the region in an annual Youth Forum. Representing Sayoni, I was honoured to witness their regional participation in 2014 as the Singapore representative at the ASEAN Youth Forum and speak with the official delegates.

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The importance of the ASEAN Interface meeting – 30 minutes in length – presented a chance for the ASEAN Youth Forum to engage with regional leaders, present their interests on a regional platform and seek inclusion in the outcome document and action plan of the 2014 ASEAN Summit.

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Published on August -26- 2015
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Myanmar Asean Youth Forum RongonYOGYAKARTA-UGM mengikuti ASEAN Youth Cultural Forum (AYCF) di Brunei Darussalam, 6-11 Oktober 2012 lalu. AYCF ini merupakan salah satu kegiatan rutin yang diselenggarakan oleh ASEAN University Network (AUN), sebuah jaringan antar universitas se-ASEAN yang berpusat di Bangkok, Thailand. AYCF merupakan acara perkenalan dan pertukaran budaya antar negara di ASEAN yang dikemas dalam sebuah forum bagi para pengemban misi budaya dari tiap negara tersebut.
Excellent developments during the ASEAN Youth Forum 2014 on 18 March 2014! We’re especially happy about points 3 and 4, plus certain sections of point 5!
SEMARANG—Tiga orang mahasiswa penerima Beastudi Etos (Etoser) Dompet Dhuafa dari Universitas Diponegoro (UNDIP) Semarang mengikuti ASEAN Youth Forum di Manila, Filipina pada 13-14 Maret 2015 lalu. Mereka diantaranya Aditya Nurullahi Purnama, Muhammad Fajri Izzul Muslimin, dan Muhammad Zamaksari Al Hamid.Twenty young leaders, girls and boys, from across the ASEAN region are ready to join the fight against exploitation and unsafe migration after attending the creative IOM X ASEAN Youth Forum in Bangkok from 12-14 February.Stressing the values of meaningful participation, transparency and accountability, the ASEAN Youth Forum aim to represent youth communities left marginalized and vulnerable by state laws and policies. Such communities include: youth with disabilities, youth migrant workers, indigenous youth, youth of diverse sexual orientation, gender identities, and gender expression, young people living in poverty and/or conflict, adolescent girls and youth living with HIV.However, only 3 of the 10 member countries approved the ASEAN Youth Forum elected delegates – Myanmar, Philippines and Indonesia. The remaining 7 countries rejected the submitted names of the AYF representatives, choosing instead to replace them with government-selected delegates.“The Summit gave us a chance to discuss with the Malaysian Government about the chairmanship of next year’s ASEAN Youth Forum,” Willard adds. Plans for engagement on the 2015 consultation meeting in Malaysia are already being formulated – and representation is high on the agenda.