How To Write Autobiographical Essay

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An autobiographical essay can be structured as:
1. A statement on yourself, your beliefs and outlook on life.
2. The background and course of life and important influences.
3. The achievements and highlights.
4. Your philosophy and values.
5. Your general attitude to the society.

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How to Write an Autobiographical Essay

Like any other essay types, autobiography has to meet format and style requirements. At the same time, it is possible to say that autobiographical essay format is unique. There is no introduction and conclusion, but still there are certain requirements that have to be observed. As mentioned, you have to start with basic information about yourself and your family, social background, early education, place of birth and residence etc. If you have any work or volunteer experience you should certainly mention this in your autobiographical essay, especially if you’re applying for admission to a college or looking for a job. The style of your autobiography has to be neutral. Avoid colloquial words. At the same time not use too long and complicated sentences. Write in simple language that everybody can understand.

An autobiographical essay is just an essay about something you experienced

Before you start writing your autobiography you have to make sure it will be well structured. Thus, autobiographical essay outline matters a lot. You have to start from the earliest years of your life, social background, gives some details about your family and where you were born. Then it comes school experience, your hobbies, work and volunteer experience etc. Do not start telling about your social background and then jump to your volunteer activity. Your autobiographical essay must be easy to read, otherwise admission committee will not understand anything about you.


Autobiographical essay is considered to be quite an easy task. Well, this is a common myth. At a first glance it seems that nothing can be easier than writing about yourself, your life, work experience, hobbies and aspirations. But in fact, writing of a persuasive autobiographical essay can be a daunting task. Just think of this. You have 1 or 2 (sometimes more) A4 pages to describe your entire life. You have to mention all important facts in your career and education. Moreover, autobiographical essay should give admission committee or evaluator a feeling of what that essay author’s personality is. There are no unimportant things in autobiographical essay. You have to tell everything about yourself, and yet you have to be laconic and precise.The second paragraph of an Autobiographical essay should state the course of your life including your family background, society that nurtured you, your childhood, education; significant events that influenced you and helped you to form your values. Reflect the ideas and principles you believe in and the events that made you realize the importance of those ideas and principles. Writing a should help you in word your thoughts in a lucid form. A proper will also enable to state your life and attitudes in a fluid style to gain attention of the reader.Autobiography is usually required by admission committees at colleges and universities, as well as student foreign exchange programs and grant committees. With an autobiographical essay you have to tell readers as much about yourself as you can. At the same time this hasn’t to be a 100 page novel. There are many pitfalls and obstacles in writing of this essay type.Applying for admission to a college or university is a very important period in everybody’s life. Indeed, you have to persuade admission committee that you deserve studying that a particular university. That’s why your university entrance autobiographical essay has to be perfect. You have to tell about your education, social background, family, work or volunteer experience if any, likings and hobbies, career goals and prospects for the future. Admission committee has to understand that you’re a committed, intelligent an optimistic student who really needs education to reach goals in life.The Autobiographical essay should state your philosophy of life. The statement should express the reasons for forming such values and how those values have helped in achieving your goals. It should also state your views in relation to family, how you would prefer other’s to behave, how you would reciprocate and your reasons for such expectations or behavior. Writing about the persons of import in your life and how they influenced or motivated you will lend credence to your essay. Draw a picture of that of an ordinary human being with good values and principles. An impressive will also help in gaining proper attention.Unlike other essay types, autobiography has its own outline. Autobiographical essay format is simple. You start writing about your early years of life, social background, family, education, work experience, career goals etc. So, all facts about your life and personality should be written in a consecutive order. This is a key requirement that has to be observed. If you started telling about one thing, do not jump to a completely different issue. This will break the order of your thoughts.Autobiographical narrative is synonymous to autobiographical essay. In this type of academic writing you have to tell much about yourself and your life. You should also tell something about your personality. Very often university entrance autobiographical essay plays a very important role in whether or not a student will be accepted. So, it is possible to say that autobiographical narrative submitted to admission committee is the most important essay in your life so far. This is not a joke. An autobiographical essay is an indispensable task that students have to undergo. It is most needed when it comes to taking admissions in high school or college. Therefore learning how to writing an autobiographical essay has a vital importance in any student’s career.