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There had been some hope of an undivided India, with a government consisting of three tiers along basically the same lines as the borders of India and Pakistan at the time of Partition. However, Congress' rejection of the interim government set up under this Cabinet Mission Plan in 1942 convinced the leaders of the Muslim League that compromise was impossible and partition was the only course to take. In Azadi Chaman Nahal through his protagonist (Lala Kanshi Ram) also expresses his idea of partition and the British role. He (Lala Kanshi Ram) has dual attitudes towards the British. He admires them for their qualities but criticizes them for their faults. For example, he praises the British Rule for bringing safety and peace to his country but deeper down he also admired the British in any case he enjoyed the safety of British Raj and hugged it lovingly.

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On the theme of partition and independence in Indian literature in English by Naresh Garg
“Azadi by Chaman Nahal has been eulogized for its realistic as well as comprehensive portrayal of the tragedy of the partition."

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