Loyalty vs. Betrayal in The Kite Runner

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Betrayal In The Kite Runner English Literature Essay

Moreover, comparing situation from own life and events described in the book people begin to change own attitude to the world in general, and existed life, in particular. It seems that the theme of betrayal observed in The Kite Runner will help many people to reappraise own old values, and maybe make some new steps in the way to reform own past mistakes and turn over a new leaf.

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Thus, taking everything into consideration it is possible to say that we have made an exploration of betrayal in The Kite Runner. This novel allows people to understand that a war is a horrible thing that includes thousands of maimed and shattered destinies. In conclusion, the novel is interesting not only with a living description of events in Afghanistan, but it is also interesting with possibility to describe the relationship between father and son (classic theme), the problem of identity, dignity and honor. The book, in fact, does not disclose the political issues, but tells the story how a beautiful country is now torn apart by many years of civil war. Hosseini shows through the plot and characters what tests had befallen his beloved homeland.

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Discussing the theme of betrayal in The Kite Runner, we should think about this term in some details. What is betrayal in its essence? Why are different people understand one and the same event in different ways? There is no a concrete answer on questions mentioned above, but we can declare that the reasons why a person betrays the other (or others), can surprise people by their variety. (Donskis, 2005).

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