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In India students cheating in exams have been often found concealing Bluetooth devices and mobile SIM cards that have been stitched to their shirts.

The article on India - Cheating on Exams is very informative. Hi-tech cheating? I'm not a bit surprised.

Relatives Scale Walls to Help Indian Students Cheat in Exams

"When Students cheat on exams it's because our School System values grades more than Students value learning" - Niel deGrasse Tyson says it better and more concisely than I could.

This approach allows GIAC to have a

The sweat dripping down her face tumbles onto her calculus final exam paper. She is stuck on the last problem and cannot seem to figure it out. Finally, she decides to look surreptitiously over her shoulder to the student next to her, searching for an answer. This is a scenario commonly seen throughout the nation, called cheating. Cheating on exams refers to students breaking classroom and exam rules with a goal of receiving good grades and taking on the huge risk of getting caught. Students may cheat in various ways. For example, they may use their notes during tests, ask friends for answers, etc. Cheating in high schools has been a broadening issue throughout the country and continues to have a negative effect on schools due to the amount of pressure put on students and teachers. It causes a decrease in motivation to try in school leading to differences in teaching styles and new ways to evaluate schools.

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Cheating in exams seems to be big business today and a quick tour of Internet sites will not only give you some ideas about how to cheat, but will give you the contact details of people who will help you.