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As a conclusion the wiki-based technique proposed for collaborative essay writing aims at achieving different goals. One of these is to promote writing development among teachers of English in Chile due to the fact that they often do not devote much teaching time to developing this ability. On the other hand, this proposal also aims at promoting appropriate technology use in teaching. As Gross (2007) says, "Technology itself does not change any teaching practice, however, when it is consistent with a theoretical perspective it may have a significant potential" (p. 115). Thus, by means of this proposal teachers may get a clear view as to how to integrate technology for writing development in an effective way from a theoretical perspective. As future teachers should be exposed to innovative teaching methods, this proposal could be included in English as a foreign language (EFL) teacher preparation programs because more support and training are needed to help student-teachers develop ICT (information and communications technology) competences and to effectively integrate technology into language teaching.

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This paper aims at proposing a technique for students learning English as a foreign language when they collaboratively write an argumentative essay in a wiki environment. A wiki environment and collaborative work play an important role within the academic writing task. Nevertheless, an appropriate and systematic work assignment is required in order to make use of both. In this paper the proposed technique when writing a collaborative essay mainly attempts to provide the most effective way to enhance equal participation among group members by taking as a base computer mediated collaboration. Within this context, the students' role is clearly defined and individual and collaborative tasks are explained.

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