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    Introduction to CourseWorks

Introduction to CourseWorks

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Once your UNI is activated, you can access CourseWorks by visiting the following page:

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CourseWorks@Columbia is the University’s course management system. You will access your course websites through Courseworks. To log in, you will need your University Network ID (UNI) and password. Your UNI is the first part of your Columbia University email address (e.g. abc2005). To activate your UNI go to .

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Subscribing to course calendars on your own devices: Unfortunately there is no way to bypass your examinations that prove your worth. The examination will allow you to prove to your future employers that you are worthy to be in their employment. On the other hand the schooling process often requires you to complete endless coursework assignments and multiple essays which don't really prove your knowledge. You can spend all day slaving away studying and coursework writing and only receive an average grade whilst your colleague sitting beside you managed to quickly create a piece of coursework using internet research and scored top marks. Most of your courses will be recorded and made available to you via the lecture recording tab in CourseWorks. Using an internet browser, you can view the learning material as rich media presentations (CUMC Echoes). You can also view, download and subscribe to podcasts of the learning material. The lecture recordings will be published later the same day of your lecture. As soon as it is processed, the lectures will automatically display in the Courseworks "Lecture Recordings" module.

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