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Here is a list of words that describe a good friendship: affable, affectionate, amiable, , attentive, available, believable, brave, caring, cheerful, considerate, cordial, discerning, easygoing, empathetic, faithful, forgiving, funny, generous, gentle, giving, good listener, heartfelt, honest, humorous, kind, loving, loyal, nice, optimistic, punctual, reliable, responsible, sensitive, sincere, sociable, sweet, sympathetic, tactful, thoughtful, trustworthy, truthful, warm, warm-hearted, winning, and wonderful.

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How would I describe a good friend

Dale Carnegie had many words that describe a good friendship and advice on making friends. He also shows the importance of a positive attitude, and that can help you make friends. Here is a sampling of his wisdom.

Similarly, , literally meaning loveable, is a wonderful way to describe a friend or nice person.

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