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Structure and Procedure. The Dissertation Prospectus Examination will consist in a written part and an oral part. The written part will consist of the student’s dissertation prospectus and a substantive paper on the subject of the dissertation (perhaps a chapter of the dissertation).
1. The prospectus is to include a chapter-by-chapter outline of the dissertation. The prospectus is supposed to give to the committee members a good idea of how the student intends to put the whole dissertation together. It is therefore best that the prospectus include an outline of each chapter in as much detail as the student can provide.
2. The prospectus also includes a detailed bibliography of material relevant to the dissertation topic and upon which the student’s knowledge of the field is based. This is typically more tightly focused and extensive than the Bibliography prepared for the (see sec.2.5 above).
3. The substantive paper submitted for the Dissertation Prospectus Examination should not be a mere introduction to the dissertation, nor a mere summary and exposition of some main ideas to be discussed in later parts of the dissertation. One or two ideas that are central to the dissertation should be developed at some length.
4. The oral part of the Dissertation Prospectus Examination is based upon the student’s written work, and will include an examination of the student’s knowledge of the specialized field of the proposed dissertation. More generally, the examination is also testing the student’s knowledge of the broader field of philosophy of which the dissertation topic is a part.
5. The oral part of the Dissertation Prospectus Examination is a closed examination, i.e. other students and faculty not on the Dissertation Prospectus Examination committee are not to attend the examination.
6. Passing the Dissertation Prospectus Examination requires a unanimous vote of the committee members.
7. If the examination is taken unsuccessfully, as described below, it may be repeated, in which case it must be successfully completed the following semester. Students should note the time constraints on the awarding of financial aid and on the completion of degree requirements: see the Graduate School Handbook (Section 9-10-1).

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A dissertation prospectus should set out three things: thesources (primary and secondary) that you think will shape your work; the issue(or issues) that will drive your project; and the structure of the dissertation(ie, a chapter outline) that you will be the result of your labors. Obviously at the prospectus writing stagethis is all subject to change, the archive you thought would have everythingyou needed might have very little, your understanding of the issues that youare investigating will probably (hopefully, in fact) change dramatically overthe course of your work on your dissertation, and few chapter outlines survivewriting the initial chapter. But while a prospectus’ shelf life is often notvery long, its value lies in helping you and your committee get an initialhandle on your project and its place in the historical literature.

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A Dissertation Prospectus is a written plan for the dissertation research that must be defended in an oral examination after passing both Ph.D. exams. Two samples are included below, along with comments.Defense of Dissertation Prospectus. Students are to schedule a defensefor the dissertation prospectus. When approved, the signed approval isto be delivered to the Political Science Graduate Program Office forinclusion in your permanent file.Students have successfully passed the qualifying exam and have advanced to candidacy. Upon advancing to candidacy, students are expected to file a with the Graduate Office each semester. PhD candidates are expected to file an approved dissertation prospectus within four months of passing the qualifying exam. At least three of the four members of the student’s dissertation committee are expected to meet annually with the student to review progress. A successful defense of dissertation is the final requirement for the degree. All graduate students must register for courses and pay associated tuition and fees each semester, not including summer and winter sessions, until the degree is awarded. We encourage all students to seek within two years of entering the program.Dissertation Prospectus
The first step in planning the dissertation is to write a prospectus and obtain approval of it by the committee. The final prospectus must be formally approved by the committee within six months of completing the oral portion of the preliminary exam. If this deadline is not met, the Chair may recommend that the committee be dissolved and that he or she be replaced as director of the dissertation. The Prospectus should be prepared in accordance with UTC formatting/APA style guidelines and should include a committee page similar to the committee page for the Dissertation, as shown in the (link: ). The Dissertation Prospectus should also include a Title page which replaces the word “Dissertation” with “Prospectus.” The dissertation prospectus is a brief document (10-15 pages) prepared by PhD students who have advanced to candidacy and are prepared to undertake their dissertation research. This prospectus, which is developed and written in consultation with the Supervisory Committee, is regarded as a proposal for dissertation research that provides the Social Welfare Faculty with enough information about the candidate’s plan of dissertation research to assess its appropriateness, originality, rigor, and feasibility. Preparation and approval of the dissertation prospectus is a required preliminary step before the implementation of dissertation research. The dissertation prospectus serves as a critical benchmark for evaluating the adequacy of the candidate’s dissertation. The Prospectus should be approved by the supervisory committee and submitted to the PhD Program Office for review by the PhD Steering Committee within two quarters after the General Examination.1The dissertation is an original piece of scholarly research on a topic that has been jointly agreed upon by the student and Supervisory Committee members. It is a major undertaking that should reflect the highest standards of scholarship and make a significant contribution to knowledge and practice in the field of social welfare and the profession of social work. After completing the General Examination, the student begins work on the Dissertation Prospectus and identifies at least three Supervisory Committee members (excluding the GSR) who will comprise the Dissertation Reading Committee. This is the group that must approve the final Dissertation.The dissertation prospectus must be independently reviewed by all Supervisory Committee members who are to be on the Dissertation Reading Committee.5 When the committee members are satisfied that the proposed research is of sufficiently high quality to meet the standards of the Social Welfare Faculty, the Supervisory Committee members will approve the prospectus and complete the . The chair and student together will review the evaluations and use the appropriate section on the chair's evaluation form to outline a plan for how any concerns raised in the evaluations will be addressed and how changes will be monitored. The prospectus cover page will be signed by the student and the Chair of the Supervisory Committee. Before actual work on the dissertation begins the candidate submits the cover page and three print copies of the approved prospectus along with copies of the Reading Committee evaluations to the PhD Program Assistant Director. The student also uploads the final version to the student's Share Space.