Why Are Divorce Rates Increasing in the United States?

whereas Americans without college degrees have seen their divorce rates increase by about 6%.

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A lot of us have tried to understand why the divorce rate in India has been low for so many years ( on divorce rates of the world) and why it was slated to increase. In this post I shall concentrate on the latter question…divorce rates in the context of modern society. Here are some pointers as to why divorce rates are increasing (not in order of importance) and you will find that some points are connected:

As economies slow down in many parts of the world, divorce rates will increase

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Here are the top factors that reduce the divorce in the US. Having higher incomes, intact families (in some sense Divorce can be an epidemic as children of divorced parents tend to divorce with a higher probability) and college degrees is much better to reduce divorce rates. As economies slow down in many parts of the world, divorce rates will increase.

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Demographers point to several societal events that have had major impacts on divorce rates. Divorce rates increased after every major war, decreased during the Great Depression, and decreased during the post-World War II economic boom. The large increase in divorce rates in the 1970s was bolstered by the introduction of no-fault divorce laws, the reduction in fertility as a result of improved methods of contraception, and the legalization of abortion.7 However, most scholars believe that the single most important social change which made divorce possible was the increase in the employment of women and the corresponding economic independence that employment provided.7 The rise in employment has been especially pronounced for married women. In 1940, 15% of women who were currently married (with husbands present) were working outside the home or looking for work. This proportion rose to 50% by 1979; in 1989, it was 58%. The change was greatest for married women with children. Since the middle of the 1960s, the rate of increase in employment for women with children has been the highest for women with preschool children.7 The rate of employment for married women with preschool children went from 11% in 1949 to 19% in 1959; in 1979, it rose to 43%; and by 1988, it had risen to 58%. Some scholars speculate that, if the economic status of workers in the United States remains at its relatively depressed level, then it is less likely that married women will leave the labor force in large numbers in the near future.7

Now a days Divorce Rates are increasing day day in comparison to last ten years. There are three main reasons in which unreasonable behavior, separated and desertion.