Definitely education system needs serious reforms today.

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To get rid of this endangered situation, our educational system needs serious reforms to be undertaken. Students should have class room as free platform to expose themselves in whole. They should not be discriminated by any means in this aspect. In addition to academics, human values should be taught in order to make them as complete beings. That would surely make a difference in student attitude and help him mould in different real life circumstances. And this is important because we know how many well-educated engineers and doctors resort to unlawful deeds making innocent common man as victim. This really pricks me a lot because I am unable to trace out the verge between an uneducated rowdy who kills people ruthlessly and a technocrat who kills people out of all his 19 or 20 years of educational background. That means education should not alone helpful in constructing skyscrapers or sending mission on Mars and so. It should also teach us feelings so that we could understand the feelings of others.

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Here we do our engineering first and then think on what should be done now. There is a joke saying " If you pelt a stone randomly somewhere ,it might hit a software engineer" . Sorry,no hard feeling . Just understand the jest of the situation. Our education system needs serious reforms.

Indian Education System Needs Serious Reforms