The effects of violent videogames on children

Effects of Violent Video Games on Children

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Features: Readers are introduced to a brief history of violent video games as well as to early research studies about the effects that violent video games have on triggering aggressive behaviors in children and adolescents. The authors feature three new important studies that reveal further evidence regarding the ill effects of violent video games on children, adolescents, and young adults. The authors also introduce a slight addition to the General Aggression Model, which they state is a powerful theoretical advance because it not only includes the strengths of a developmental risk and resilience approach, it also posits special testable pathways of effect based on specific theories.

Effects of Violent Video Games on Children The use of video games has become tremendously popular among children and adolescents in the past decade.

Video Games and Children: Playing with Violence

Assessment: The effect of violent video games on children and adolescents is such a hotly debated topic throughout society, it deserves a serious and comprehensive empirical investigation. We often seek solutions to tough moral, social, and ethical problems by looking to science for empirical evidence to guide our public policies. This book delivers on all accounts. The authors are widely regarded as the foremost experts on the effects of violent video games and the media, and this book is by far the most significant addition to the study of developmental psychology this year.

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There is a need to determine how children are affected by violent video games since these games have become more popular and widely available in recent years. Moreover, regardless of what position one takes regarding the influence these games may have, it cannot be disputed that children (regardless of age) spend a considerable amount of their time using a variety of media, including video games (Whitaker and Bushman 1034). In fact, recent statistics on video game usage by children in the United States indicate that, typically, “99% of boys and 94% of girls play[ed] video games, and 70% of nine- to eighteen-year-olds report playing violent M-rated (for Mature players seventeen and older) games” (Whitaker and Bushman 1034). Admittedly, even video games that claim to be for all audiences (especially suited for young children) also contain some violence, although not as extensive or graphic as those rated M. Therefore, this paper will provide a review of the current research related to the effect of violent video games on children. Special emphasis is placed on studies and articles focused on changes in aggressive behavior and the theories that explain such changes.

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