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Chasing the lure of the next great purchase, that one thing that will finally make you happy, can get addictive. Unfortunately, no matter how happy you are when you buy something, that feeling fades. The bills, however, don’t. Most families are burdened with too much credit card debt because they decided that having that next greatest thing was more important than saving or staying out of debt. The caused by excessive consumerism and financial turbulence is showcased in statistics for divorce, suicide, and healthcare costs.

2) Less Stuff

Trust me, quitting excessive consumerism is something that would make your life simpler and happier.

An inside look into excessive consumerism

Muscat: Banks in Oman believe that ease of access to financing and a wider range of options have enhanced the experience of customers but also hold the opinion that excessive consumerism should be avoided through educating the society.

Trust me, quitting excessive consumerism is something that would make your life simpler and happier.

Since the 1800s and the Industrial Revolution the world has been consuming at a higher rate than ever. The Revolution allowed products to be available in enormous quantities for the first time in history. Because of their unheard of low cost, products were basically made available to all. This unlimited access led to the era of Mass Consumption. It soon grew to be expected that people have the latest model of the newest appliance.. This philosophy soon morphed into people buying newer models based on appearance rather than function, and consumption continued to grow. Since the 1950s, people everywhere on the globe have consumed more goods than the combined total of people throughout history.
There are five basic stages of the: . This is the basis of the material economy. Planned obsolescence and perceived obsolescense are the main types of production that contribute to the excessive consumerism in America today.
: Companies design products so that people will need or want to throw them out soon after they buy them.
: Essentially “keeping up with the Joneses”. Companies use advertisements and gimmiky new models to convince the consumer that they need the new model.

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If you aren’t working insane hours to pay off excessive consumerism, you have more time to spend on your family, invest in your health, and live life to the fullest. We are all given 24 hours in a day. I personally don’t want to spend a large portion of time working a second job to pay for a boat that I don’t have time to enjoy. I would rather travel, invest in relationships, and help others through volunteer work and supporting charities.Discouraging excessive consumerism to account for the environmental, social, and economic costs of extraction, manufacturing, distribution and disposal.