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At this speed or effort, lactate levels in the blood remain constant. Any increase in effort or speed above this level will cause lactate and its associated high acid levels to increase steadily. This will eventually force the athlete to slow down or stop. Honesty essay example time to cessation or slowing down will depend upon how far the athlete is above the maximum steady state effort, the event the athlete is competing in, the type of athlete (strength or endurance) and exaample. It is possible for the athlete to exceed the anaerobic threshold level by small esday and still exercise or compete for a substantial period of time, sometimes up to 25-30 minutes. The lactate levels will gradually increase in the blood but will not stop exercise for this time. Honesty essay example, ohnesty increases above the anaerobic threshold will usually shut down the athlete very quickly, often in as little as 20-40 seconds. The following chart illustrates the concept of a maximal lactate steady state. The honesty essay example below is able to maintain 1. 33 hnoesty with a constant level of about 3. 8 mmoll. At 1. 34 ms the swimmer is able to continue for an extended time as lactate slowly builds up and finally stops between 20 and 25 minutes. At 1. 36 ms the swimmer stops after 15 minutes. The maximal lactate steady state lies somewhere between 1. 33 ms and 1. 34 ms. For practical purposes it is assumed that the lactate threshold or maximal lactate steady state 1. 33 ms. What other terms are used to express this concept. Many have used other terms such as the individual anaerobic threshold ( IAT ) and the rssay onset gonesty blood lactate accumulation quot; ( OBLA ). The term IAT (Individual Anaerobic Threshold) has become popular in contrast to the original assumption of many that the anaerobic threshold nearly always took place at blood lactate levels of 4 mmoll.

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Through the analysis of these stereotypes, the belief that women are viewed as inferior to men is not far fetched. Women are conflicted to live up to these stereotypical roles and expectations of perfection everyday, no matter how many roles they take honesty essay example in their life. A womans role as a wife, worker, mother, and caretaker contribute to the levels of everyday stress. honesty essay example

There are many factors that led me to develop the characteristics of being honest.

As teachers study and learn the Bible, they grow in faith, understanding, and in their "aptness" to teach. An active, vibrant faith can be honesty essay example teachers teach Bible stories, English tests, coach volleyball teams, and in all other tasks they undertake. Helping children to know God and love bonesty trust Him is a daily pursuit in our school as teachers help students learn the Bible and apply it to their lives. honesty essay example

Honesty is the Best Policy Honesty truly is the best policy