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How the Steel Was TemperedКак закалялась стал 央視版電視連續劇《鋼鐵是怎樣煉成的》片尾曲《遠在小河對岸》

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Ostrovsky wanted to create a novel about a young revolutionary who, just like himself, embraced and supported Soviet power. He started his first novel, and even sent part of it to a publishing house, but the manuscript was lost and never reached the publishers. Ostrovsky managed to bear the hard blow and found strength to move on. At the end of 1930 he started to write his famous novel, “How the Steel was Tempered.” At first Ostrovsky used his “stencil,” but growing weaker, he was unable to hold it and resorted to dictating the novel to his friends. There are the handwritings of 19 people in the manuscript of the novel.

How the steel was tempered.

How the steel was tempered (Open Library)

In November 1932 the novel was published in a single book. It was reissued several times and became very popular among readers. Some critics affirmed that “How the Steel was Tempered” served as a distinctive Gospel for many young people of the times, since they recognized the main hero of the novel as a “new type of man” who was spiritually close to the Soviet youth. The novel was republished 41 times during Ostrovsky’s lifetime.

How the Steel was Tempered

In April 1932 “Molodaya Gvardia” magazine began to publish “How the Steel was Tempered.” The novel is about a young revolutionary named Pavel Korchagin who supports the Soviets during the Civil War. Critics believe that the plot of the novel is based on Ostrovsky’s own life and experience.

how the steel was tempered ... book helped to generate the romance of construction that so caught the imagination of soviet youth around.