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What is the same today as it was 100 years ago? People want freedom and opportunities that other countries don’t have. Cubans escape from their communist country and risk their lives by crossing shark infested water for the chance to come to America. People from Mexico and Central America escape drug cartels and poverty by trying to move north where they hope to find work and protection. Many people from communist countries and other repressive regimes want freedom and opportunity and come for those reasons. For the most part, the later day immigrants are honest, hardworking people in search of a better life for themselves and their families. Most of them come legally, even though it takes time and money to be allowed to stay and become citizens. They believe that their efforts are worth it and are generally rewarded with brighter futures. This a compelling fact to include in immigration essays.

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To be able to understand immigration better, writing an immigration essay can help one to better understand this phenomenon as well as to develop theories that can explain why such happen. The nature of the migration will impact education levels, ages, and tenures of immigrants, and consequently their probable assimilation. When migrants have the power to choose, the nature of the migration will also impact the host country selected.

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