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An informal essay is written for pleasure

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There are some major points of an informal essay which are generally different from other types of essays:

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Through informal essay writing, you are supposed to be able to express your line of thought with ease. This means that you should write well enough to make someone see the point in discussion through your line of thought; as your vision or your philosophy. To be able to do this perfectly, you have to make the informal essay sound like a conversation between you and your readers. Planning is just as important a step in this kind of writing as compared to the rest, so that you do not just write up about a fictional story, but one that has direction and some sense too.

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The informal essay is written mainly for enjoyment

Professors don’t usually assign topics when it comes to informal essay writing. And compared to other academic writings, an informal essay doesn’t have to follow certain standards. Rather than being formal, it tends to be more personal. You can tackle certain issues, controversies, or even your personal experiences – anything under the sun.There are certain techniques in making an informal essay more appealing to the readers. One is the so-called 'compression' wherein you stress the important points in your essay. The other one is 'time inversion' on which you can start the essay by describing the middle part of an event first. Next is 'withholding' wherein you stimulate readers to raise questions in their minds, yet you withhold the information. And the last is 'foreshadowing' in which you make your essay unpredictable by creating a thrilling atmosphere.As the name implies, an informal essay must be conversational. It is like you are talking to your readers, to catch their interests, mixed with amusement. You can directly speak to your readers in such a way that you don’t have to worry if, whether or not, your personality gets evident. You don’t have to hide behind your lines. In other words, you are fee to be yourself.Type: Informal Essay
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Typical Formatting Guide: MLA
Purpose: To give a personal account of the experienced event, to share an opinion or express one's thoughts etc. Just because it is called an informal essay, doesn’t necessarily mean that it has no structure. Same with other types of writing, you also have to plan on how you are going to present your idea. But the good thing is it is mainly written for pleasure, yet it should also be informative. Still confused? Just follow the above-given tips on how to write an informal essay or contact us for help.The structure of an informal essay might not be just as rigid as that of the formal paper, - this is the main reason why such essays are mainly written for fun and entertainment. Writing a blog or a diary, for example, doesn't require an essay to be formal or fully academic - most of it is intended for personal use. Of course, following the generally accepted essay structure is very much desirable since it makes the text easy to read and facilitates readers' comprehension of the information presented. Needless to say, proper punctuation and spelling of an informal essay are of vital importance since they too, contribute to better understanding of the written matter.Informal essays can be called the opposite of the formal essay. Writing a formal essay puts specific constraints onto the form and language of the essay, e.g. use of personal pronouns is prohibited ("I, we"); the tone of the essay should be impersonal and objective. In addition, there are specific requirements regulating the language of the paper, e.g. no contractions, colloquialisms, slang etc. An informal essay is just the opposite of that. Requirements for writing an informal essay are not that strict compared to the formal one and allow the writer to do more than one would do while writing a formal paper. Despite imposing less serious constraints, informal essays have to follow the structure of an essay. There should also be an introduction, some body paragraphs and the conclusion. Just like in case with a formal essay, the introduction of the informal essay presents the main problem to the reader; body paragraphs bring up some of the points that the writer is trying to make and present some arguments to support them, while the conclusion reiterates and sums up the thesis statement of the introduction and summarizes the main points which are made by the body paragraphs. An informal essay is one that is written for personal pleasure. Informal essay examples include the fictional story or basic storytelling. Informal essays are more generally geared towards the conversational style of writing that are used to express the personality of the writer and as such are less rigid in terms of structure and content.
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