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The first reason the internet should not be censored is simple. Censoring the Web is against the law. The First Amendment of the United States Constitution protects the right to freedom of speech, press, assembly, and petition without government interference. This right applies to the use of the Internet. To say that we can censor only what the government sees fit would be a violation of that right. At what point can the government decide what to censor and what not to? Will our religious websites be taken offline due to the offensive nature they may represent to others? What about our political organizations? While the Internet does provide a means for illegal activity, that doesn't make it okay to eliminate it completely, or even censor it. An automobile can be a means for someone to kill themselves or others. Yet this is solely dependant on the driver of the automobile, not the automobile itself. In the same respect, the Internet can be a vehicle for crime. This taken into consideration, the Internet still upholds laws. Child pornography sites are shut down as soon as they are discovered. There are limits to the Internet, just as there are limits to how a person can drive. Our government does not necessarily condone everything that happens via the web, but it remains yet to impo

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The internet should not be censored, obviously. If there's such bad things on the internet then it's your responsibility as a viewer/consumer to moderate your own usage. Parents can just put their own parental blockers on the computer locally if they want to censor what their children see.

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The internet should never be censored. It is the free exchange of ideas that makes the internet great. Only tyrants fear the free exchange of information.

The Internet should not be censored, mostly due to the fact that it is simply too massive and difficult to censor