SS 10: Is Louis Riel a Hero or a Traitor

Is Louis riel a hero or a traitor?

Louis Riel – Hero or Traitor - Canada History and Mysteries

Some people think Louis Riel was a hero some people think that he was a traitor. But in my mind Louis Riel was a hero. He standed up for what he believed even when he could die or go to jail but at lest he tryed because I know that I would rather say I’m insane instilled of being hanged but that’s me. That’s what I think so what do you think. Is Louis Riel a hero or a traitor?

To answer the question

Louis Riel was branded a traitor to Canada – but he was no traitor

To answer the question "Is Louis Riel a Hero or a Traitor?" I chose to make a short documentary entitled "Louis Riel: A Canadian Hero". As can be deduced by the title, I believe the Louis Riel was and still is a national hero to Canada. My film gives a brief background of what led to Louis Riel becoming a hero and then explains his historical and current legacy as a heroic leader of the Métis people. This is achieved by combining a number of different elements. To begin with, I wrote and narrated a script for the film that explains and ties together the various elements of the story. As is typical of a documentary film, the narration is not long. As part of this project, I conducted an interview with Jean Teillet, a lawyer who has represented the Metis in numerous cases, including the recent Manitoba Metis Federation case, and who is herself not only a Metis person, but a descendant of Louis Riel. The rest of the documentary is constructed of photographs from Louis Riel's time and from the modern era. The interesting challenge was to edit the photographs, the interview, and the narration together into a film that is compelling to watch and tells the story. In order to make the film even more compelling, I composed an original musical score and performed it as well using a professional music composing program called Logic.

One of the endlessly wonderful questions we ask ourselves often in the world of Canadian history is was Louis Riel a hero or a traitor

Is Louis Riel a Hero or a Traitor. He was a Metis from the time he was Born. At age 14 he had started to study to be a priest. Four years before he fell in love with a woman. He left his studies to marry her. The Girls parents would not agree to this marriage because he was Metis, so he returned to Red River Settlement.

He was a patriot who stood up for his people and his beliefs