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behavior and human performance vol 16 2 j richard hackman

The first model was built from J Richard Hackman’s . This book describes a model for enhancing team effectiveness based on five key enabling conditions that allow a team to function optimally, based on extensive research and validated management science. This approach is unique in that rather than seeing leaders and managers as drivers of team success, it views leaders as facilitators, setting up the proper conditions to maximize the team’s effectiveness.

J Richard Hackman and Orpheus

In Memory of J. Richard Hackman

The Job Characteristics Theory studies the factors that make a particular job satisfying. The theory was developed by J Richard Hackman and Greg Oldham in 1976 and refined again in 1980. Faturochman (1997) defined the Job Characteristics Theory as describing “the relationship between job characteristics and individual responses to work. The theory specifies the task condition in which individuals are predicted to prosper in their work” (p. 1).

This site is dedicated to the memory of J. Richard Hackman, 14 June 1940 -- 08 January 2013

[Note: Professor Richard Hackman died of lung cancer on January 8, 2013