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Robert Bakewell improved the old English breed of Longhorn cattle by breeding “in-and-in” to get the characteristics he wanted. The Longhorn had been used in the midlands for centuries as a draught animal, for ploughing and drawing carts, as well as for milk and cheese. It has a kind temperament, and is a good dual-purpose animal. When its working days were over, it provided excellent meat as well as the hide for leather, the horns and hoofs for glue and the bones for fertiliser. Longhorns are generally brindle in colour, white down the spine and under the body. The horns can either spread or curve round the face. All the Longhorns in the are from the Blackbrook Longhorn Herd.

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The ITLA held it’s first organizational meeting October 1989. The purpose of ITLA is the development, registration, and promotion of the Texas Longhorn breed of cattle. It is membership oriented, with members in every state and foreign countries. It was founded on a generous palette of membership services and an enormous appreciation for the great Texas Longhorn cattle breed.

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