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Major Essay #2: Final draft due Friday April 2. No late work accepted!

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For Major Essay 3 you will select an essay topic from a list of options and respond to it by composing a focused, organized, and textually-supported argument. Your essay’s argument should be grounded in the close, exacting, and sustained analysis of key passages from Joyce’s Dubliners. Your analysis of these key passages should also take into account the larger work in which they are situated as well as consider how they relate to some of the broader questions and issues being discussed in the criticism from Part Three of the English 202 Reader. As you may note, these critical works have in common a critical and self-consciousness about the commonplaces shaping ordinary beliefs. You will notice that the writers of these works address large topics (e.g., language, power, politics, subjectivity, race, ethnicity, sexuality, etc.) and look for contradictions, omissions, and problems in the ways these things are being represented or understood. Joyce’s text exhibits, too, a kind of critical consciousness and may provide you with a helpful focus and grounding for your thinking and writing about these broader issues.

Major essay based on 1/3 option topics for semester 1 (in 2014). It is about Burnout.

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The entire essay should be between 250 and 1000 words and must accompany the Declaration of Major form when a student has the initial meeting with her/his major advisor. A student may choose to revise the essay after meeting with the advisor. Students will electronically submit the final, advisor approved, version of the essay as a Word document to the psychology departmental assistant so that it can be archived. The file name for the essay should be as follows: student’s last name, student’s first name, and graduation year. Each student will revisit the major essay in the senior seminar course.

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The fourth type of major essays is expository essays. Classic examples of expository essays are products manuals. These essays act as a guide to products users’ who may be using a product for the first time or lack the experience in using a product or even a service. Unlike other types of essays, expository essays contain mere facts but not personal opinions. They are written, not in the first person, but exclusively in third person. It is also worth noting that compare and contrast essays may in one way or another overlap with expository essays.

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