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Sociology is the scientific study of society

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The core requirements provide students an in-depth understanding of theories and methodologies in the discipline. Students are required to take Sociology 250, Theories of Society, and Sociology 201, Evaluating Information. Additionally students must select a second methods course of either Sociology 202, Methods of Social Research or Sociology 203, Qualitative Methods.

SOC 361 Methods of Sociological Research I (3) SOC 362 Methods of Sociological Research II (3) SOC 363 Methods of Sociological Research I Lab (1)

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: Sociological discourse analysis shares many of the procedures of other social sciences. Yet sociologists differ greatly in terms of how they approach discourse analysis, thus leading to confusion and doubts regarding the scientific status of sociological discourse analysis. In this article we attempt to clarify the methodological basis of sociological discourse analysis by differentiating it from other discourse analysis practices. To do so, we examine what sociologists actually do when they analyze discourse, while focusing on the common elements and principles shared by the different approaches to sociological discourse analysis.

The four methods of sociology are the methods of observation, experimentation, comparison, and historical research.

represents Emile Durkheim’s manifesto for sociology. He argues forcefully for the objective, scientific, and methodological underpinnings of sociology as a discipline and establishes guiding principles for future research.

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