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Society of Nepali Writers in English (NWEN)

Nepalese writing is also known as Nepali and it comes from Devanagari script similar to Hindi and Sanskrit. It is widely used in everyday use throughout Nepal.

A close look at the Nepali writing system and its principles on which modern Nepali is written.

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If you go you will find large boulders, stone pillars and rocks painted or engraved with Nepalese writing. Much of this writing is in the form of Buddhist prayers or chants. "Om mani padme hum" being one of the most popular chants meaning "Generosity Ethics Patience Diligence Renunciation Wisdom".

Nepali Writing This is a forum for discussion on the literary writing of Nepali writers

Nepali is written in Devanāgarī, an (syllabic alphabet) employed also for Hindi, Marathi and Sanskrit. The Nepali Devanāgarī alphabet is ordered according to phonetics and consists of 46 letters. The last three are biconsonantal groups which are traditionally included in the alphabet. The vowel ə inherent in all consonants is not represented here (below each letter figures first the standard transliteration followed by a phonetic notation):

Nepalese writing on a stone - The Longest Way Home

This is a forum for discussion on the literary writing of Nepali writers. This site aims at informing the readers about the Nepalese literary news, views and book reviews. You are welcome to post your comments on any write-ups published in this blog site. Kathmandu Saga And Other Poems, an anthology of thirty-five poems, is the debut book of Khem Aryal, an emerging poet of Nepal. Aryal started his writing career in 1990, when the whole country was fighting for democracy. After the millennium, poet Khem started writing in English and brought out the anthology in 2004. His poems deal with the theme of love and politics. Frustrations of present political failure have been presented very powerfully and artistically in his poems.

Mr. Aryal, who was born in Palpa, earned his Masters in English Literature from Tribhuvan University in 1997 and started teaching the following year. HE has been teaching creative writing at present and is also the president of Society of Nepali Writers in English.