Personal Descriptions - ESL/EFL Writing Lesson

There are two kinds of person descriptions. One is of . The other is .

Vocabulary English - Personal Description

Written by Linda Berens Ph.D. and Dario Nardi Ph.D., two well know researchers and instructors in Type, this set of Personality Type descriptions is very unique. Each description is written in the first person perspective.

Adapt the salesperson job description for use in your own organization.

Sample Salesperson Job Description - Job Interviews

The salesperson job description outlines the typical tasks and skills for the sales job. There are many kinds of salespersons and sales jobs, however all sales functions involve some common activities and abilities.

Personal descriptions I consider my self as a hardworking and ambitious person

The kind of PA that you want depends on your needs, your preferences, your personality and the way you live. You need to decide what minimum skills, experience and other qualities you want in your PA. A prepared PA person description can be used in two ways. You can use it to discuss the qualifications in the phone or in-person interviews. You can send it to PAs along with the job description before the in-person interview. You may be able to tell from the person's reaction to the qualifications whether or not you should offer him an in-person interview. The person may decide he is not right for the job after you give the qualifications.

3 Styles of Personality Type Descriptions