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Throughout my elementary years in Fiji, I was like no ordinary kid. Academically, I was an average student. I was a chubby kid with low self-esteem, which discouraged me from achieving good marks in school, partly because I had the fear of speaking my mind. To top things off, things were even worse in P.E.

I always tried to hide when my classmates picked teams for sports because I felt so uncomfortable. When we played soccer or kickball, I always seemed to stumble in front of my classmates, which would automatically make me look like a buffoon. I thought I was horrible at physical activities, without making attempts to try and lacked confidence around my peers. I began to avoid raising my hand when questions were being asked, even when I was capable of answering the questions.

My sixth grade year started off just the same. However, when soccer season started, everything changed when I encountered the person I admire the most; the person to whom I attribute my success as an athlete and now have belief in myself. He recognized a hidden talent in me and encouraged me to develop it. That person was my sixth grade P.E. instructor, Coach Singh.

One afternoon, during P.E., Coach Singh lead us to the field and divided us into groups for scrimmage. He started talking, and the first thing I noticed was that he spoke with dignity and respect. As he spoke, I started paying more attention to how teamwork is such an important element for the soccer. He also noticed how I would become hesitant at times when we began to play different activities. Every time he would utter, "Remember, do your best because your teammates need you," and he always seemed to be talking directly to me!

At the practices, I would remind myself that my teammates needed me, and even though I couldn’t see how my teammates needed me, since I could never seemed capable of playing any sport. Thus, one day I decided that I would test Coach Singh’s concept on teamw...

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I could write a book about her and everything that she ever did for me, and this is why I chose her to be the main character of this essay. All those things made her the person I admire the most and for all of them I want to say “ THANK YOU ! ” and “I LOVE YOU ! “ and I will always do.

The person I admire the most is neither world famous nor a multimillionaire

When I was thinking about who I admire the most, at first I was having a hard time because I didn't have an answer. I kept on thinking about famous people that I look up to and I forgot to think about people that aren't famous. When I started to think about friends and family I finally came up with an answer. I figured out that the person I admire the most is my grandfather. I admire him the most for many different reasons. One reason I look up to him is because he is a pretty successful person. He didn't have much growing up especially since his father died at a young age and his mother had a hard time making ends meet. Little by little he started to work hard and save his money. The next thing you know he was running a very successful business and he was only about 25 years old. I admire the fact of how he had nothing and still managed to do good for himself. I think my grandfather is proof that if you work hard at something anything is possible. I also admire my grandfather the most because he is a very nice man. I have ran into some tough times in my life, but he has always been there for me. No matter what it is he never says no to me. Whenever anyone needs help he is always there for them and is the first one to do whatever he can. Lastly I admire my grandfather the most because he is a very responsible person. He is all business and he never messes around especially when it comes to his family. He has been a great husband, a great father, and especially a great grandfather. I just wish my life turns out to be similar to his.