Giving presentations and speeches for work or class can be terrifying

The Nobel Prize in Literature 2014 - Presentation Speech

Got writer's block writing your presentation or speech

Do you have to make a speech or do a presentation? Are you nervous? Do you need some help? I can help you. Hello. My name is Ronnie. I'm going to teach you a couple of tips and a couple of ways to help you when you have to do a scary presentation or speech.

Presentation Speech by Writer, PhD Jesper Svenbro, Member of the Swedish Academy, 10 December 2014

Presentation speech | Nobels fredspris

So if you have the opportunity to choose your own topic and the teacher doesn't give it to you, wide-open spaces. Choose what you like. What's your hobby? What's your passion? What do you like to talk about? Choose that -- bam. Make a really interesting presentation or speech. If you're excited about topic, then the other people will also feel you enthusiasm or feel your excitement, and it will be a good speech or presentation. So one, choose a good or interesting topic if you can.

The Nobel Peace Prize 1964 - Presentation Speech

Presentation Speech by Gunnar Jahn*, Chairman of the Nobel Committee on 10 December 1964