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Great Idea, I considered getting the prices for paper towels while I was getting the prices for tp, but my computer was runnin out of battery juice quickly so I said I will compile that next time. I will get to work on the paper towels list soon!

Pricing - Shredding Service Paper ShreddingThe base price for shredding paper is 12 cents per pound with a $15. 00 minimum.

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To make matters worse, growth in key demand drivers is expected to exacerbate price growth for paper and packaging supplies. Per capita disposable income is forecast to rise at an annualized rate of 2.3% in the three years to 2017. This growth will increase demand for packaging materials because greater disposable income allows consumers to spend more on discretionary items, which are often packaged in paper-based materials. Furthermore, the surging popularity of e-commerce has boosted shipping activity and, thus, demand for the boxes and shipping products needed.

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