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In professional and academic writing, it is expected that sources for the text are scholarly, referred to, and cited correctly. Scholarly sources are those that are written by experts in the field, for experts in the field. The second part of this definition is an important distinction—since the intended audience is experts in the field, scholarly publications go through a peer review or "referee" process in which experts in the field examine them for quality and validity so that the experts in the field are getting the best information possible. The following is a quick checklist to determine whether an article or book is scholarly. A source is most likely scholarly if it meets the following criteria:

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Google is a great way to find all kinds of content on the Internet, and it is a useful tool. However, Google is not a good way to find scholarly sources for professional or academic writing. There is a Google Scholar feature, but the most effective search engine for scholarly sources is the through a university library's website. The Cambridge Scientific Abstracts (CSA), ERIC, and Web of Science are among the finer examples of database resources provided by an academic library. Librarians are available in person, on the phone, and online to ask questions about finding and citing sources.

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