Top 5 Reasons Students Cheat - Brilliant or Insane

More is known about the pervasiveness of college cheating than reasons why students cheat

5 Reasons Why Students Cheat While Studying

It is important to understand what motivates students to cheat because having alternative solutions to the pressures that lead good students to be dishonest may be helpful as you work to encourage your students towards moral behavior. Below is a list of the most commonly expressed reasons for student cheating.

Author expert Mark Barnes shares 5 simple reasons that students cheat. Are there others?

Reasons Students Cheat in School

The other reason students cheat is because Universities compile so much information in so little a time, choke students with handouts then expect students to know all that by the time the exam comes around.

3 Top Reasons Why Students Cheat

Reasons College Students Cheat. Academic competition among undergraduates often propels students to take extra unethical measures to make the mark.