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This article offers an argument why Chief Justice Allan Wachowich is advocating for the reinstatement of programs dealing with restorative justice. The article reports that the minister is a proponent of the program’s goals, which is why he seeks the leadership candidates to consider restoring money for the restoration programs. The article’s main point is to bring to the fore how restorative justice has flourished in the past in Canada and how lack of funding could utterly affect a program that was making a significant step towards peace in the country. This is why the article mentions Justice Wachowich bewilderment regarding the cutting of funds for restorative programs as he opines that it is an approach that allows victims ownership of the process. This article deals with the problem of funding, which is critical to the restorative justice process as facilitators need to be compensated. This article contributes to my essay through offering some merits regarding restorative justice as the best approach to justice.

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Restorative Justice Program Essay Examples | Kibin

A restorative justice process also aims to empower victims to participate effectively in or with offenders. Victims take an active role in directing the exchange that takes place, as well as defining the responsibilities and obligations of offenders. Offenders are likewise encouraged to participate in this exchange, to understand the harm they have caused to victims, and to take active responsibility for it. This means making efforts on their parts to set things right, to make amends for their violations, by committing to certain obligations, that may come in the form of reparations, restitution, or community work. While fulfilling these obligations may be experienced as painful, the goal is not revenge, but restoration of healthy between individuals and within communities that have been most affected by the crime.

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By offering itself as a radical alternative to conventional criminal justice, restorative justice has attracted a multitude of criminal justice critics and reformers in search of fundamental change. As a result, there is no "standard" definition of restorative justice. While some definitions emphasize a unique restorative justice process that requires the involvement of the victim, the offender, and the community in search of restorative solutions, a more expansive definition emphasizes the central objective of restoration: repairing the harm of crime.

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