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I agree with Marianne and her statement that Winston is sane and becomes insane. Winston simply thinks differently than those that O'Brien has come in contact with. O'Brien describes Winston as a lunatic based on the fact that he is choosing to be a minority of one. Since our society was founded on the Bible, our society determines what is sane, appropriate, and moral based on the Bible as well as a natural law. I think that these things are also determined by your environment (i.e. home, school, extra-curricular activities) because everyone has a varying background. However, there is almost always a basic set of beliefs that everyone can agree on and from that a society builds.

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Sane And Insanity: noi nella band (in particolare il sottoscritto) siamo nati nell’era in cui Tony Martin era nei Black Sabbath. Che voce che aveva e che ha tutt’ora quell’uomo, anche se amiamo tutti i vari periodi della band con Ozzy, Dio, Hughes, Gillan ecc. Questa canzone riprende proprio quelle sonorità sabbathiane: oscura, potente e con una grande melodia.

The Rosenhan Study and the Fine Line Between Sane and Insane

The inferences to be made from these matters are quite simple. Much as Zigler and Phillips have demonstrated that there is enormous overlap in the symptoms presented by patients who have been variously diagnosed, so there is enormous overlap in the behaviors of the sane and the insane. The sane are not “sane” all of the time. We lose our tempers “for no good reason.” We are occasionally depressed or anxious, again for no good reason. And we may find it difficult to get along with one or another person – again for no reason that we can specify. Similarly, the insane are not always insane. Indeed, it was the impression of the pseudopatients while living with them that they were sane for long periods of time – that the bizarre behaviors upon which their diagnoses were allegedly predicated constituted only a small fraction of their total behavior. If it makes no sense to label ourselves permanently depressed on the basis of an occasional depression, then it takes better evidence than is presently available to label all patients insane or schizophrenic on the basis of bizarre behaviors or cognitions. It seems more useful, as Mischel has pointed out, to limit our discussions to behaviors the stimuli that provoke them, and their correlates.

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