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But as with any other skill, he learns how to socialize with others by trial and error.

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Socializing cats with other cats and dogs may take some work, but it is worth the effort. Who doesn’t think two or three cats sleeping in a cuddle puddle or a little kitten nestled in the arm of a dog is the cutest thing on earth?

It is very important to introduce a cat to another cat or dog slowly, always supervising all interactions until they’ve socialized—even if it takes a few days or weeks.

Socialize a kitten to an adult cat
In basic cat hierarchy, the kitten will be the subordinate and the adult the dominant cat. Mother Nature will do your work for you if you’re lucky.

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This is where they will socialize with other kids.

What are your thoughts on socializing with other parents and bottom line doing things for your children sometimes even when they are not involved?

All of these behaviors require that you work on socialization with other dogs, from puppyhood through adulthood.

You'd think our parents could teach us how to socialize with others from a young age, but so often they don't. To some it comes like breathing and to others? Like being a fish out of water. Luckily, it's an art that can learn. Anyone. Yep, you too! Wanna see? See Step 1 below to get started.

and I learned about socializing with others in college, and am still learning in graduate school.

Enroll in puppy kindergarten and training class. This provides a great opportunity for puppies to socialize with other dogs ... for puppies to get introduced to obedience concepts in a playful environment with distractions ... and for owners to learn how to communicate with their pups. In the past, some experts recommended that puppies be kept from social interaction until they received all of their shots. However, more recent evidence indicates that it is better for pups to be given social activities and taken out in the human world at younger ages (for example, between 8 and 10 weeks of age).On top of it, you said yourself that your husband has been having to all the time and has no time for himself. You're supposedly socializing with other adults from your childrens' school for their benefit, but isn't that taking time away from your family? Time that your husband could be spending with you and bonding with the children?