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– I love the byline on this blog – ‘Because the Personal is Historical’. The author, Carrie Adkins is so correct how society views women is reflected in our laws and guidelines on sex, reproduction, contraception and abortion. Women are victimized and held accountable in all of these areas. Then throw in the Gardasil HPV – and place the onus of blame on young girls having STD’s.

Sex, Reproduction, Contraception, Abortion, About How Society Views Women | Holy Hormones Journal

, Abortion, About How Society Views Women | Holy Hormones Journal

In trying to gain a better understanding of societal views on people who experience emotional and behavioral problems because of psychiatric disabilities, I spoke with family, friends, acquaintances and past co-workers. In addition, I read peer reviewed articles to add to both my personal experiences and the conversations. I also read newspaper articles and more closely paid attention to the comments being made by those around me. Using this information, along with my own personal assumptions, I will examine how society views mental illness, the people who have to suffer with them, their families and the process of treatment.

Values affect how society views the vulnerable—as victims or sinners—and thus whether or not to provide public assistance.

This paper is an examination of the impact of changing societal views about homosexuality and the effects of those changes on the institution of the family. While homosexuality has been a part of the human experience from the beginning, society's attitudes toward homosexual practices and homosexual lifestyles have changed considerably. In American society, this has meant an evolution from shame and disapproval to gradual and increasing acceptance. Yet gay and lesbian marriage remains a difficult concept for most Americans to embrace, and the families that have tried to form around homosexual unions face great barriers to acceptance and legal obstacles for participants, ranging from prohibitions against partner benefits to difficulties in becoming parents and problems accepting gay and lesbian children. This paper looks at the controversies that continue to surround same-sex couples and the families they seek to create in a society that is still unsure that such relationships ought to be welcomed, encouraged, or, at the very least, legally recognized.

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