Speechmaking An after-dinner speech is like a love letter

 He had not entertained by speechmaking, nor had he shone decoratively at receptions.

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This course is a selective history of how speechmaking has shaped the politics and culture of the United States from 1776 to the present. The focus of this course is the role speechmaking plays in the struggle over the meaning(s) of democracy and how those meanings define what it means to be a citizen. While there are one or two non-speeches included in our reading, the emphasis is on oratory. By examining significant speeches addressing issues such as government, the economy, international affairs, race, gender, and technology, this course attempts to develop a rhetorical appreciation for the way the meaning(s) of democracy have been delimited and expanded throughout this country’s history.

Here the speechmaking was concluded and the crowd was thinning a little.

Proper usage of the word speechmaking.

As in earlier editions, relevant theory and pragmatic student needs have guided the content decision for most of Introduction to the Speechmaking Process. Its basic pedagogical assumption is that students are better served by a ''theory and practice'' approach than by one that is all practice (or all theory, for that matter). The theory is necessary to power and steer the practice. Likewise, this current edition remains influenced by popular interactionist and social construction views as well as by relevant behavioral/cognitive theories. Its rhetorical roots are also evident in its treatment of ethics, models, and practice. These generalizations from theory to practice, whether cast as rules or laws, have been simplified to facilitate understanding and application for the student. Speaking experience governed by theory, principle, and professional criticism should promote sound communication habits, whatever the setting. This current text, however, also recognizes the importance and influence of technology and, therefore, integrates its understanding and use throughout the book.

Champagne is furnished without extra charge at this dinner and toasts and speechmaking follow.

In a book that blends anecdote with analysis, Kathleen Hall Jamieson--author of the award-winning Packaging the Presidency--offers a perceptive and often disturbing account of the transformation of political speechmaking. Jamieson addresses such fundamental issues about public speaking as what talents and techniques differentiate eloquent speakers from…

There's no need o' speechmaking to make an adder bite or a gude man work.