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Tatami Room - Japanese Furnishings

Many designers take inspiration from the design of Tatami rooms to construct their own Asian interior design artwork. They are simple but elegant rooms that are very calm and comfortable. These rooms are not very expensive to furnish because of its minimalistic look. You just need essential furniture such as low table, platform beds, throw pillows as chairs and just simple décor like a Japanese Bonsai in a vase. A Tatami room inspired design will definitely be great as it exudes a clean and refreshing ambience.

If you are looking for an Asian inspired room design, the Tatami room design will work wonders for you. Read and get to know the features of the Ratami room.

Traditional Japanese Tatami Room - Haiku Designs

In the olden days, building a tatami room could only be afforded by those of the nobility. Commonly called the Washitsu, this room is a serene, clean and minimalist interior design style that was popularized in the Edo Period. This Tatami room design style is a reminiscent of the simple yet functional nature of the Japanese people. It is also crafted to showcase the high quality, natural, elegant and ergonomically designed furniture produced by Japanese people. The Japanese tatami room is now one of the most coveted Asian interior design.


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